on a woman’s highest calling

I am troubled by the common teaching from the Church that “motherhood is a woman’s highest calling.” A woman’s highest calling is to follow Jesus Christ.  End of story.  And she can do that if she is married, single, divorced, widowed, a mother, or childless.

 – Rachel Held Evans

3 thoughts on “on a woman’s highest calling

  1. You are very right Rachel: “motherhood is a woman’s highest calling” was a statement once made by a preacher I was listening to in the UK. He hadn’t the slightest notion that all but two of the women present ( about 30 ) were single. It took several weeks to comfort one of the two married women who, incidentally, could not carry children. As a single person I do get a tad anxious when preachers elevate marriage, motherhood, and fatherhood, to the highest calling and there can be a room full of single people. At the same time we are encouraged to be Christ-like – be more like Jesus – who, we are told, did not marry.
    Marriage, motherhood and fatherhood, should never for one moment be underestimated as a great and important calling, but it isn’t for everyone – just as celibacy isn’t for everyone, ( nor for every priest for that matter ).

    • I agree. Situations like you described make my heart heavy. It is so sad to see people told, essentially, that they cannot fulfill “their role”, when they have so much to offer and can be used so mightily by God right where they are.

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