A Weight Has Lifted

Jason and I ran off to Italy for two weeks, and life is so much better now.  Jason can barely walk, because on the return flight an old ankle injury starting acting up.  (Thank you, Lord, that it was on the return flight!)  I am currently losing the battle with allergies.  But life is so much better.

My standard two-months-of-madness at the start of each work year never ended this time.  The madness was at eight plus months when we left.  Jason’s standard cyclical workload forgot to ever hit a low this year.  It’s been at critical levels since January.  We were both beyond burn-out and it was so great to run away for a bit.

The days were slow, or at least started slowly.  The food and wine were wonderful.  (Although we expected exceptional Italian food to be much more prolific, since we were in the place where Italian food is just called “food”.)  The history and art and cobblestone streets were just what we were needing.

We came back to a lot of work, a lot of emails, but no emergencies or fires to put out.  And so far the stress level has not returned.  Being in Italy was wonderful.

But the best part of our time away was a weekend spent with some dear friends in a difficult part of the world.  For our last three days out of the country, we jumped over to spend time with a church that is dear to our hearts.  That little church is so full of the Spirit of God moving in their midst.  Being there, talking with people, praying with our brothers and sisters, brought such an awakening to both Jason and me.

We are earnestly praying that God will keep that light, that inspiration, that new life alive in us.  That we will not return to the mundane of endless work.  That our focus will remain on the eternal.  On the ultimate reality.

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